Whispering Pines

This residential community has a minimal population of around 2,900. It is well-known for it’s mild climate. Whispering Pines residents come from many different places, but they all share a desire to preserve the quiet, tranquil Village environment they enjoy. The towns of Southern Pines and Pinehurst are within a ten-minute drive, offering excellent restaurants, modern shopping plazas, and small quaint specialty shops. Nearby Sandhills Community College offers a wide variety of lectures, concerts and exhibits, including one of the most popular horticultural gardens in the state. Learn more at the Whispering Pines → website!


Population: 3,071 • Male – Female Ratio: 54.5% – 45.5% • Median Resident Age: 52.3 years •
Median Household Income: $79,305 • Median Household Value: $275,053

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