Pinehurst: The Cradle of American Golf

In the heart of the North Carolina Sandhills, you’ll find Pinehurst, the home of golf in America. Walk beneath the whispering pines and you’ll understand the wonder Donald Ross experienced as he first surveyed the property in 1901…and the exhilaration Payne Stewart felt in his stunning 1999 U.S. Open victory on No. 2. Centered in the town is the Village, featuring the Pinehurst Resort, locally owned shops, several delightful restaurant options, historic homes and ultimately an all-around tranquil area.

Pinehurst real estate is understandably high on any true golf lovers dream home list and Pinehurst homes meet the standards you would expect. Golf front properties, rights to the course and many amenities offered at each community, Pinehurst real estate has something for everyone! Home to the US Open every couple of years and multiple championships Pinehurst has been hailed as “absolutely …the pioneer in American golf.”

Some must-sees include Reservoir Park, The Arboretum, The Village Shops and of course the Pinehurst Resort hotel and spa. There are also numerous golf courses located in Pinehurst that are worth playing a round or two at! Take time to enjoy the relaxed southern hospitality of Pinehurst with your family or your favorite group of friends. It’s an experience everyone deserves at least once…though you’ll find yourself coming back for more. Learn more about Pinehurst at their → website!


Population: 15,255 • Male – Female Ratio: 46.5% – 53.5% • Median Resident Age: 57.6 years •
Median Household Income: $68,536 • Median Household Value: $299,619

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