Nestled in the southern end of Moore County, also known as the Sandhills, Southern Pines is a flourishing community with approximately 12,736 residents and growing. Southern Pines showcases over 125 years of history through notable real estate, traditions and ever living tales. Southern Pines is known for its locally owned shops, unique and delicious restaurants and enticing points of interest. Some historical landmarks include the Shaw House, Weymouth, Downtown area and train station- all worth checking out at some point. Southern Pines also has its own library, park, bike paths and theatre. These great and true “hometown” features make Southern Pines Real Estate top of the list for Moore County.

Downtown Southern Pines is home to many beautiful older homes and many town homes within walking distance to downtown Southern Pines. Southern Pines homes for sale are quick to sell and always a treasure to have. A quick commute to Fort Bragg, Southern Pines homes are desirable for military families as it’s a wonderful family town close to work.

True southern charm is present in this town, especially with events like the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings and festivals throughout the year. There are always local events happening to better this thriving community. For all information, events and resources, visit → their website.


Population: 13,005 • Male – Female Ratio: 49.2% – 50.8% • Median Resident Age: 47 years •
Median Household Income: $46,811 • Median Household Value: $256,786

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